Almost everyone wants us to date?

I hanged out with this girl few times, i introduce her to my friends and she posted her pic with me on FB to show her friends who i am.

My friends and her thought we are dating, her coworkers thought we're dating.

1- Have you ever been in something similar and what you did?

2- Should we date?

  • You're already dating
  • Give it a bit of time
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  • do you like her?

  • *Hung out. Give it some time :)

    • Okay :))

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    • Oh wow! Okay I'll give you an idea that my crush did the other week, it may or may not work haha. Him and I were hanging out for Halloween, and we were walking back to the car. He asked me if I was cold, and I said yeah. He then slipped his hand into mind and we continued walking holding hands and talking 🙈 So cute, my heart was racing haha. He had never officially asked me out before or kissed, but that made it obvious and it wasn't awkward or scary. But I think this depends all on if you live somewhere cold lol :(

    • Haha great idea
      I live in North America so it's damn cold, thanks
      Actually i was just texting her and we were flirting, i think the first kiss is gonna be soon :D

  • You should only date her if you consider her dating material. If not, then NO... you shouldn't date her

    • She is so sweet but i wanna know her more

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    • Okay haha :D

    • Good luck 👍

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