WTF I get no attention? What is wrong with me?

I was out with my cousins,

One is better looking, and one a little more rougher looking than me ( Like not clean cut)

So the better looking one had girls throwing themselves at him...

And my other cousin had girls talking to him nicely...

I had no one approach me, it really sucks... I am not that bad looking ( But maybe I am just unattractive, I am clean cut though)

Am I just giving off a bad vibe? I am not desperate, but maybe just a little more introverted where as my cousins are more extroverted... But they were approached, but I was never...

I don't really know what is wrong with me?

It's not looks, it's not being clean cut, I just don't know?

It has to be something with vibes?

I just feel like my confidence took a bit of a hit today.

The better looking one has girls chasing him,

He is not "super hot" but girls always go after him and he rejects them all.

I don't know.


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  • Nothing, you just aren't attracting girls.


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