I have a serious issue , I only attract girls who have bfs?

Iam actually discourged to talk to new girls, i seem to get looks a lot from girls, eye contact, check ups and flirting, however they are 90% taken and the other 10% are simply unattractive or aren't quality at all.

iam not doing anything drastic, iam not acting weird or anything iam being me, fun, jokey, serious sometimes, study hard when i have exams, iam not rich, iam confident but not super confident, iam just a normal dude who happens to have some standards, and is very logical and smart, good looking, likes to dress and smell nice, and people know all that.

iam 21 years old and iam seriously afraid iam not finding a girl i can call my girlfriend, holy shit, every girl i know who is decent looking and with a decent personality is in a 2+ years relationship (starting at 17 ) the amount of attention i get means i should be dating left and right, but the dozens of girls i tried to approach or even approached are all taken, iam like "wtf? how can that be?" any ideas?

i realise you think iam still young but iam actually late, like 90% i know are in comitted 2-3 yeard old relationships with girls i only dream about having even though iam clearly getting attention from these same girls that have bfs.


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  • Are you certain that those girls are actually attracted in you in the first place?

    • yes its pretty easy to realise when someone likes you and my friends think the same

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  • shit can't wait to hear an answer to this one

    • iam seriously in the same boat i have no idea what to do, i find an attractive girl, i look at her, she looks at me, she keeps eyeing me , i eye her back, we hold eye contact whenever we pass by each other for days or weeks at a time, then i decided its time to make a move, i try making a move and i find out she's taken , iam seriously not sure wtf is going on iam literally clueless at this point...

  • Are you sure that you are not overlooking anything?

    • iam absolutly acting normal like any other normal guy, if i find her eyeing me and showing interested and staring at me a lot and smiling i start doing the same, but at the end she ends up taken , iam just no sure anymore.

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    • @k_slay i want a pretty girl, iam not looking for perfection but some just a girl i find pretty but for some reason such girls are always taken even girls who are not super hot just normal pretty have bfs... its frustrating

    • well from personal experience the best thing to do is change where you would want to meet this girl instead of your usual routine. maybe even look for a girl slightly different from your usual taste. if there is a girl who ask you a lot of questions and seems to carry a conversation more than you expect then go for her.

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