Why is she doing this?

I've already asked a version of this question but only got one answer i need other opinions so here we go over the last two weeks one of my female friends has distanced herself away from me for no reason whatsover yesterday at work i was going to try to talk to her but she just walked right by me now i wouldn't really let this affect me but i was very close with this girl she was involved in my life she was very close with my family we did everything together so i asked our mutual friend whats going on and he mentioned that she said something alomg the lines of because i have feelings for her she can't talk to me for awhile so i confronted her about it and she said she never said anything like that and that her life is very stressful and she is keeping to herself so one of them is lying to me i never pressured her or did anything so why am i being made into the bad guy here and if she is lying why is she lying when i confronted her about it i have a feeling there is a deeper reason for her doing this


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  • Everyone is a little different so it's kinda hard to say WHY she's doing it? But I'm pretty sure she DID say whatever ur friend had heard, but maybe she just wasn't thinking about it or it kinda slipped out because she probably IS dealing with a lot of other stuff.

    If u already confronted her, there's nothing more u can do really. Trying to confront her again would probably just heighten the issues. Just let it be for now

    • I have no idea and its not worth my time anymore. I've always been good to her, and she's giving up on our friendship. There have been other guys i know, who professed their love to her and she rejected them and was still their friend. I'm still getting different stories from people, so i'll just leave it at that which is a shame.

    • Well if she doesn't value ur friendship then she doesn't deserve to be in ur life anyway. Keep ur chin up

    • Thank you

  • no offence but that was so hard to read... like whatever happened to full stops and commas?
    Anyways, are u sure this girl doesn't like you?
    Something i'd do when i suddenly realise i like my guy friend.

    • None taken i do that a lot i have no idea she won't be straight with me and now i'll never know

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  • Il start off by saying periods and paragraphs are your friend. No one likes block text

    I'd say give her her space and tell her if she needs to talk about anything that you'll be there for her.

    • I know i do that all the time sorry and thanks for the advice