My date last night was awful. Agree?

hi :)

Been seeing a guy once a week for about six weeks, we have had really nice dates some of them I have felt a spark and some of them not so much. Thought I'd give it a go rather than calling it off early without proper chance.

Last night we went out for a film and a few drinks and it was going OK then through the evening, he just seemed a bit weird & distant consistently. E. g, didn't try to kiss me, hold my hand or make an effort to sit next to me at bars (rather, opposite me so we were shouting) also felt he just wasn't concentrating to what I was saying / looking around at everything else which I've noticed a bit consistently.

Then I left to get my bus baring in mind I was in a busy city not my own at 10pm & wasn't sure where my bus stop exactly was - he says, do you know where it is? I said its says 7 mins from here on my phones maps. He said ok because I'm going to go and get a McDonalds. I was thinking - wtf, your happy to leave me find my bus on a busy night also knowing I didn't know exactly where my stop was. Before this, he said "I'm not gonna kiss you as you have a cold" we have kissed before when he was ill.

I said then & there he had been weird tonight, he says it works both ways - and he "doesn't know" as he hadn't had a long term relationship before? He told me to text him the next day and we went our separate ways.

Woke up to a text from him, saying we should end it here. I didn't reply. I'm kind of relieved but even last Tuesday we had such a nice date, so no clue what changed since there. I think he got in first with his message this morning.

Think I'm best rid? Xx
My date last night was awful. Agree?
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