If she ignores me if I proposed to hang out?

There is this girl I met at a party on September. We started chatting through fb, for up till now. When I met her, my friend told me that she was "really really shy".
I've always started conversations, complimented her, I've donde everything right, I created a connection with her before asking her out, she opened to me graudally. so yesterday, she said she really liked going to the movies, so I said, "nooo i dont believe you, I also like to.. when was the last time you went there? She said 'like a month ago!" So I said, " O, its time to go haha, actually it would be nice if we go together, I really enjoy talking to you. She hasn't replied, she saw the message.
If I said to her: " Hey, if you dont feel like it, relax no prob, I understand that you dont want to meet me just yet, its ok " adn talking her about other stuff. Is that a good move considering that she is really shy?
If she ignores me if I proposed to hang out?
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