How do I reject guys?

I don't know why I get ask out a lot or get confessions when I'm a quiet person. Yet I had guys ask me out but I don't know how to reject them still. I'm not big on confrontation and I try to reject them nicely but some don't get the hint or maybe I did not did my part that they continue on.
So how do I reject guys that are:
⏺Older than me (like almost 10 years older than me... Because I feel like since they are that old I need to keep some kind of respect)
⏺Guys that say they like me for a certain characteristic
⏺Guys that are waaaay too nice
⏺ Guys that are too loud and they intimidate me for being pushy and are rude
⏺Guys over text (like they somehow got my number and we only talk through texting)
⏺Guys that are in the same class or friends that like me, without destroying their friendship (yet they themselves don't know they like the same girl at the same time)


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  • Lol "get confessions" what are you a priest?

    • Lol 😂 they don't ask me out but say they like me

    • Lmao just say your flattered but not interested

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  • Tell them: "I am not attracted to you"
    You're going to get called a bitch either way so...


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  • Lie and say I have a boyfriend every girl does this.

  • How old are u? :P

  • Say no


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  • Tell them thank you but I'm not interested.
    Or if you like the guy and he says something cheesy just say try again later.
    That's what I do. I get asked out a lot but when I'm not interested i just say thank you but i am not interested. Don't be stuck up while saying it. Say it with a small smile.

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