Guys, Confused about a boy?

okay so I'm a junior in hs and I liked this guy freshman year and we had like a thing but he didn't commit and he was like a fuckboy so he was also talking to a lot more girls blah blah blah so I really fell for him and he really liked me too. but not enough to show me off. he liked too many girls at the time but we had like a very weird connection. anyway he blocked me bc I called him an fboy and he came back 2 months later and apologized like crazy and of course I let him come back in like the middle of sophomore year. and then we really liked eachother again but he wouldn't commit. we kissed one time that year and then this summer he blocked me again for stupid reasons and he came back in October and told me he really messed up and that his life is a mess usually he just apologizes for blocking me but this time everything came out he told me his life is a mess and he just can't keep going and all he thinks about it talking to me and he didn't think I would ever talk to him again. I told him its okay and I'm here if he needs me and then he said he missed my voice and I Ignored it. he said he's here for me whenever I need it and he told me he still loves me and that he wants to hang out really bad so he can explain his how his life is going down hill and how he messed up with me and everything and then he said he can't tell me over text because it's more meaningful in person bc he might cry so,,,, what does this mean? will he actually commit or is this the same I don't even know what to do


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  • He is a fuckboi , you are right.

  • Your story made me LOL so hard. Ditch him for someone else. He is a fuckboy you are right.

    • yeah I'm dumb ahah thank you

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    • He's a dumbass for multiple reasons not just blocking my phone. Also he blocked my phone for absolutely no reason. No joke. Like we were hanging out one day with some of our other friends, and it was all cool and we didn't argue or get in a fight or anything like that, and the next day when I tried calling him, I found out he blocked me. And 2 days later, me and another one of my friends met up with him, and he talked to me like everything was normal and he didn't block my phone number.

    • ugh boys! they suck