Girls, Did I do something wrong :( ?


I've been dating this girl for 8 months, and there is no doubt that I love her. She is very family oriented and that is fine. She does go out a lot, with family (really close with her cousins, who are both guys), and that is completely fine. What is not fine, she was in a relationship prior for 10 years, (she said is was a bad relationship, and that I treat her way better than her ex ever did) and her ex is her cousins best friend. So, whenever she goes out with her cousins, her ex is almost always there, and that really bugs me.

Is it bad that I'm bugged by this? I told her how I feel about it and she doesn't say anything about it.

She told me her ex wouldn't be a problem. He is still very much in her life and I don't like it. She told me a few months back that she blocked her ex's phone number, because he was bugging her. Well, today she got a call from, guess who? I asked her why he was calling her and she said didn't know. When I told her that she told me she blocked his number, she said "no I didnt".

What do I do? I feel awful. Did I do something wrong? Do I ask her if she still has feelings for her ex? I've noticed she has also stopped doing little things. ex. suggestive looks, playful touches etc. Does this mean anything?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.


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  • She could still have feelings for him that she might not be admitting to u, or even herself. So confronting her about it probably won't do anything if she's in denial to herself.

  • You probably need to talk to her. Unsolved conflicts or harsh feelings lead to resentment and kill a relationship. It doesn't matter if your afraid of what she might say you need to talk to her. Make it civilized don't tell even if she yells at you and gets angry (It'll be hard) but if you remain calm and civilized chances are she will be to and the talk will go well. Just ask her if she has feeling for him she'll probably get defensive but just hear her out then you talk and voice your concerns