Am I overreacting at a guy not responding to my messages when he was all into me a few days ago? What's his deal?

Ill make this short- we are both interested in each other. We haven't talked in person but we talk online and we live too far to see each other commonly. Anyways, he has asked me out a couple times this past week but he had to cancel due to something that came up (it checked out, he want lying)... that was this Friday, he apologized for cancelling and seemed really sorry. I said no problem, and asked to reschedule. I thought he'd like that since he was the one to ask me out and tell me his schedule and to pick a day and time in the first place, but after I asked to reschedule, he never responded but opened my message. A day later I asked if he wanted to try for this Friday again (since that's when we had made plans before) and again, he opened my messaged and never responded. What's his deal? He seriously told me that we were going to hang out hands down, how excited he was, and we planned the whole night. And we have been talking for months now so it isn't like a week thing. I know him well enough to say that he isn't toying with me or seeing someone else, but I don't get why he wouldn't respond to my messages to reschedule when the last 2.5 weeks he has been initiating to see me and saying it'll happen. He seriously went from hot to cold and I don't get what I did. It has been 2 days and he has not responded. It's the beginning of the week, and I know he works every day so maybe he's checking his schedule? But why wouldn't he message me that? I can't send him another message because he has ignored mine already.

Wasn't lying**

And by not talking in person I mean we've never really met
When I say we've been talking for months, like overnight conversations and really we have a ton in common. I know he likes me as he has stated it.


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  • You're not overreacting. Ignore the people here who post stupid and unhelpful comments when they haven't read the description. Generic advice like "Move on, he wasn't interested" CLEARLY DO NOT APPLY IN YOUR CASE.

    Sounds to me like he was interested and he's just not that polite a person. I have a similar thing with a female friend. I. e. she knows me, so she's not "not in to me or doesn't want to know me". She's been continuously mentioning she'll be so happy to see me now she's moving to my country for a long time. Texted recently and again she says she hopes to meet up soon. After I text her suggesting we do, she read it and blanked me (I can see she's active on viber last seen time etc).

    I think people who "ghost" are just bad people. I honestly don't know what to do though, I think we are both good people and they are just weird tbh. I know how you feel. It really really hurts. And you can't do anything right?

    • Thank you!! Seriously your comment made my day. You've nailed it and probably because you're experiencing something similar. I know he's interested and I'm so interested in him, and when it goes cold or when he just blanks and doesn't respond at all to something I feel should be answered, it is so frustrating because I can't make him respond no matter how much I try or desire for him to; it's on his time. What sucks is being in this type of limbo, wondering when they'll message, or if.. you know? My guy also smokes weed daily so I feel like that may play a part too. I think I wrote this question out of frustration.. nobody knows why he isn't responding or if he will again, and I just wanted someone to understand haha. So thank you, I'm glad you understand these kind of people and are in something similar.

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    • Yes! Please PM me. I'd love to read them and help you out.

    • I can, I mean I was trying to send a reply tonight haha, I'll pm you them though along with the context!

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  • No, you need to move on sweetheart, sorry.


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  • You didn't do anything. He was probably not that interested in the first place. That, or he met somebody else.