Is it possible a guy would ignore/wait to respond to a message about date availability until he knows his availability?

i mean, as in, a girl messaged him "hey are you free this coming weekend?" And he opened but didn't respond... and he was interested days and weeks before, and was after her, is it possible he is waiting to respond until he finds out? so it looks like he's ignoring her but he just doesn't know?

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  • Probably does want to make sure he can go before answering

    • But why couldn't he respond "let me check my schedule and I'll get back to you" instead of not responding? Am I overthinking this and taking it too personal?

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    • That's what I was thinking. I had sent it on Saturday and then yesterday I had just sent a message saying to him that I hope his friend is okay (since something had happened in which he canceled our date) and again nothing, opened message and no response. He has done this before, but it just bothers me becauseit feels like he's ignoring me?

    • Yeah that would annoy me too, it doesn't take much to answer back

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  • As a guy, my money is on he's trying to figure out if he can or not.


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  • As a girl, i would really appreciate it if he just tells me that he's not sure if he will be available instead of just reading it and not replying.