Help, a teacher kissed me?

First, he is not my teacher, but he's in my school. At the beginning I found him attractive, he started messaging me on facebook and I answered, we were talking normal, interesting things. It was ok, until a few days ago where it was a party and I invited him (brainless move). He came and started to cuddle me, hold my hands and then kissed me. I was pretty drunk and I accepted that behaviour and NOW I FEEL HORRIBLE! After he left, he started to give me a lot of sweet messages and I realized and answered him in a colder and sarcastic tone. At that moment, I didn't feel anything but disgusted, the next day I felt terrible, just like now. I realized what I did and what can happen next and I am so scared! The ones that were at the party are my friends and I hope they will not tell anything. I am really scared, I don't even wanna imagine what can happen if others find out... What can happen next? And what should I do now? Please, help!!
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I am 18 years old, by the way. What can happen with me if the school finds out?
Help, a teacher kissed me?
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