I know guys are supposed to text girls first, but when should a guy start letting the girl initiate conversation?

I've been talking to this girl on tinder for a could of days not. And about two days ago she gave me her number, we texted a bit that day, and pretty much all day yesterday. She seems interested, but whether i should wait for her to initiate the conversation today, or if i should. I don't wanna come off to eager, cause she seems really cool. And i don't wanna blow this for myself.


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  • Just stop acting like this is work and you have goals and targets and things must be done a certain way. She's a human, there are no rules, everybody is different. Just go with the flow.

    • alright. Like i said i just don't wanna fuck it up.

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  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! Stop pandering to the norm and be you. It's not that guys should start first it's who ever feel like texting. Hahahaha my god. You not going come off as anything... See you people make up these rules then bring about minor drama. Imma cut the bullshit. Dude you can let her initiate a text next time. I say wait for her. It really tests if she's interested as you say she is. 😣

    • Sometimes people don't initiate because they think they will bother the other person. If OP won't write her then there's a chance she won't write back and then contact would be lost. I think the best idea is to wait a few days, and if she hasn't initiated by then OP should text her again.

    • @SkyrimAndHugs what does OP stand for?

    • OP stands for Original Poster, I guess in GaG they just call it the Asker. So I was refering to you

  • I would wait for her today and if she hasn't texted by tomorrow text her - Say you didn't want to crowd her and was leaving to her to talk first, ask her if she thinks a girl should test first to avoid future misunderstandings

    • she actually did text me just a few moments ago lol.

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