Does this mean he is interested or was it a joke?

we were talking about how long we have been speaking for and i asked as a joke how he isn't sick of me and he said in baby talk "cause i wuv chu".
was this sarcastic or is it a pretty good sign that he is interested? because to me in baby talk it comes across as sarcasm



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  • That would be cute but i think he was also just joking. Well, we'll never know. Hope everything works well for you!


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  • He is interested, other wise you two wouldn't be talking, but not a relationship type of way. Also it's jus a joke.

    • wait, so which is it?

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    • why are you being so rude? far out, calm down.

    • my apology my lady. Was not keen to you not like swear words. But anyway. He likes you as friend and he's joking around. Go ask him how he feels about you.

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  • I think it was truth masked in sarcasm to protect himself.

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