I am 24 years old male. I had sex with only one girl, 8 years ago. Why?

I like women, sex, etc and I am pretty confident. I ask women out, I am brave enough to express my interest but I don't even date. I don't even get a chance to prove myself.
I am a short guy (5 7) , muscular, with a perfect smile and a pimple-free face. I think I am quite attractive. I dress quite well, since I love shirts, leather jackets, you get the picture. I have my own car, I try hard to earn my living and improve my life standards. I think that I have done everything possible to improve my overall image.
I am a gentleman, but it seems that I don't receive the appreciation I deserve for the respect I am showing. I don't want to and I am not going to become a bad boy, this is who I really am. However, I have come to a conclusion that I won't date or have sex, if I don't change. Any thoughts? Why am I facing this problem?


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  • Let me ask you this... have you ever seen someone at a bar or on the street, and you just KNEW that he or she was feeling insecure, and lacking in a lot of confidence?

    Now, how did you know? My guess is that you figured it out through their body language.
    Believe it or not, your body language says MORE about the type of person you are, and how much of a quality 'catch' you are, than any combination of words that you can put together and articulate.
    Research has shown again and again that over 50% of all communication is through our body language. So what does your body language really say about you? What does your body language COMMUNICATE to others?

    If you are habitually looking down, or find it hard to look at a someone straight in the eyes, then you're probably also showing a lot of other "bad" body language.

    Confident is a turn on. Insecure people find it hard to even get a man's/women's attention to start with.

    If you show through your body language that you are a man who has no confidence, no self esteem or self worth, then women will automatically and subconsciously be turned off you. And they will also disqualify you as good "boyfriend" material.

    if you presented yourself with confident high value body language, then more women will be drawn to you.

    So really pay attention to, and master your own body language. This is one of those silent killers that don't always come up to the front of your mind, but will sabotage your love life like there's no tomorrow.


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  • Try getting a wingman. Understand the concepts of "game", shit tests, etc. There's a difference between daygame and nightgame, learn both and decide which one is for you. It won't happen by itself, you have to work for it, be patient and keep trying no matter how many times you will get rejected or turned down, regardless of how many times you fail.


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  • Well I'm

    • Lmao sorry, pressed enter by accident, I'll reply in a little bit.

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    • I would like to get out for a coffee. What do you think?

    • Hm that actually sounds normal, but for some girls sometimes it can sound a little intimidating, especially when they're shy (like myself) and will worry about what to talk about etc. I would suggest trying something different just to see if that's a factor. Either invite them to a get together some friends are having (restaurant dinner events like on fb) or ask if she wants to see a new movie with you that you think she'd like (tell her that). I'm only making assumptions here from my own experiences, but for me it was always a comfort thing. I'm comfy with friends and busier places etc., and pretty nervous around a new guy especially one on one. It was always way better for me when I had gotten to know the enough about the guy before going out.

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  • Jayzuz bro, 8 years? More approaches perhaps, it's a numbers game. No one is a natural gentleman, be true to your natural carnal desires, throw this gentleman bullshit out of the window.

    • I'm not pretending, this is how I feel. I want to protect and spoil the woman I care for.

    • And i thought a week was bad