How to start a conversation with a girl for the first time?

How to start a conversation with a girl for the first time?

When i am on school i got some eye contact with girls, some of them i know they would love to have a conversation with me i just know it but i dont know where to talk about really.

so girls what work for you in a situation like this?
And guys what work for you?

What if she is sitting alone, would you walk up to her and say 'hey i am... (give a hand to her) and ask her name. Then what would u talk about right of from the first time you speak without no ice breaking or whatever, just eye contact thats all.


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  • When I was at high school the easiest way to begin speaking to a boy/girl was through Messenger that way you kinda break the ice without face to face beamers then youd arrange a little date maybe? Just remember the girl is just as nervous as you maybe even more xxx

    • well its not that easy to optain such thing just by having eye contact, and i am currently in college. just imagine what i am going to say now.

      You are sitting alone somewhere in school or whatever.
      A guys walk up to you and try to get ur phone number. What would be the best way to obtain it?

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    • ahh so a guy walk up to you, introduce and say something like 'when i saw you i really had to talk to you'(if that is a no go pls tell me) and ask her number or give the number.

    • You go up to her and introduce yourself and say she's absolutely gorgeous you just wanted to say hi she will probably laugh out of nervousness but that's a good sign confidence is key here xxx

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  • Ask her how her weekend went. Chicks love to blab about themselves. Then lightly tease her about whatever she says and make her laugh. She'll be wetter than a soaked sponge in no time.

    • hahaha nice one, but i dont think that the best move for the first time interacting with eachother is it?

    • If she's seen you around before, why not? If you're in the same class, then you can always talk about school shit.

      Its not so much what you say, but how you say it. If you're delivery is confident and genuine, then you can say a lot if things within reason.

    • now i read it again it is tho i just read it a bit diffrent that what there is standing sorry for that

  • Depending on the scenario you've described there's not a lot to go by but, "*Walks up to the whole group*, if i told you i could say three word to you and you'd leave with me right now, would you believe me? **she says some stuff dont matter but itll be about if ur line works with other girls** ok i'll be straight up and real with you, you cute how your cheeks make dimples when you giggle, lets hang out sometime (Ice already broken and interest in you gained)." You can say anything you come up with

    • ah okay, to describe the scenario beter i would say that the girl is sitting alone because when she is with friends i doubt i have the guts to walk up to her :/

      what i like to know as well is the first words you say, like hey i am... nice to meet you and then talk about...(that is my Question) or just ask something to grab notice and just walk off or so? (a friend of mine did that today)

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    • Do women really prefer such compliments right away like ur hair is beautyfull? (i think complimenting hair is a good thing to do i dont know if it is but XD)

    • Phrasing is important, for example this sounds creepy AF, "Hey, your hair is beautiful".
      This sounds normal, "hey, nice hair"

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