Do I love her more than my girlfriend?

I met this girl online, talked to her by facetime.

I’m really anxious whenever she is around other guys or she goes out and is not online for hours.

I want to know what she is up to every single day

I can’t stop texting her even if she wants to stop because I have a girlfriend

We always argue but I don't know why I can't stay angry and always go back to her with her even when she hurts me ( she is pretty judgmental because I guess she is jealous of my gf)

She is not the type I'm usually attracted to ( I love blondes she is the opposite)


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  • There is a saying;

    "If you fall for two women, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second"

  • I'm sorry to say but if you loved your girlfriend you wouldn't feel this way about another girl. It may just be feelings but it's wrong and your girlfriend wouldn't appreciate it. we're human though it's normal being attracted to more than one person but it hurts people and if you really do love your girlfriend you need to break it off whatever connection you and that girl have or choose who you really want because someone's going to get hurt and that's never good.