Second text was blank?

I texted this guy I've dated a few times last night, we have not seen each other in over a week... he sent a reply saying hi :-) how are you? and another couple questions, so I thought he was up for a chat... I sent him another text, then ten min later I got a blank text... Was this a mistake or deliberate... surely if he didn't want to talk to me he wouldn't have replied in the first place?

Any advice, should I not contact him again?


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  • In my experiences, some cell carriers can accidentally lose the contents of an SMS message, causing the recipient to receive a blank text. I wouldn't cut communications just because of a blank text.


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  • Was this a mistake or deliberate...: I'll contact my crystal ball...

    Are you really 30+? The text probably didn't go through, it's more trouble to send a blank text than it is to send one with a message.

    Don't contact him though. You're nuts.


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  • I got this a few times from a friend, I just rote back telling him he sent me a blank text and he just sent it back. It's not cause he didn't want to talk to you, stuff happens when sending text.. That's why I hate doing it.

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