What do you think of online dating?

what do you think of people meeting online


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  • I think it's OK, but I only really consider it "dating" once we both meet in real life. Until that happens, I'll only ever be friends with another girl. Even if I do have strong feelings for what I know she is like. I wouldn't know how to be a boyfriend over the Internet. Can't give flowers, can't buy her gifts, can't take her out to places, can't hold her hand. It just doesn't work out. And without these and other things being present, people can only be considered friends.

    As far as meeting people online is concerned though, I think it's awesome. People are a lot more open-minded online than they are in real life. You can't just walk up to someone on the street and expect them to be talkative to you, especially if they're not attracted to you initially. But online you get to show them immediately what you're like on the inside, which is what really matters. So then when it comes down to physical appearance, they'll be A LOT more open-minded about it.


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