Guy's help!!! If he didn't want to see me anymore wouldn't he give me back my shirt I have at his house?

I'm seeing this guy and he just went cold for a week due to his personal issues he's having. He explained to me what they were and that I shouldn't take it personally but it's been a week and I'm beginning to wonder what is really going on.

Guy's please comment!!!
Guy's comment please!!!


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  • I had a chicks pants for like 3 years and I didn't even know.

    • So your telling me he's just not going to talk to me anymore

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    • ask him

    • I didn't really want to contact him in case he still needed his space
      What do you think?

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  • haha... girls... stop controlling men

    • What do you mean, I just want to know if he's going to stop talking to me for good or whatnot

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    • you can be annoying...

    • Well you don't think some girl is going to wonder when they get ignored for a week especially by someone they like a lot

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