How do I stop thinking about him and leave him alone? ?

This person n I have always talked for years n recently more often. Few months now I feel I'm being ignored. He would always texts back if I texts but never makes the effort to contact me anymore or reply back to some texts. How do you no longer get the urge to want to talk to someone and just leave them alone or even think about them? It's so hard. When I'm at work or in school or being productive it's like they're on my mind n I would wake up few time in the night out of nowhere just thinking of them. It's annoying because my mind needs to leave them alone but my heart says contact them.


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  • It sounds like you could benefit putting your energy into something or someone new. Pick up a new hobby or play a sport, anything that makes you excited.

    If this continues, with this much intensity, you might want to consider seeing a counselor to help figure out what is going on underneath the loss. Waking up multiply times a night thinking of someone is not particularly normal, especially if it persists.

    I hope you are able to find something new soon.


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