Help me I want this guy so bad but I'm just too nervous around him?

I work with this guy and he's so very handsome such a nice voice and just seems like a very nice gentleman. I'm considered "very flirty" typically but this guy I seriously can't like he's just so great and I really like him and want to get to know him and honestly be his girl friend, do any guys have tips for a girl making the first move? Also should the girl even make the first move or should I just give up, I feel like if he doesn't make the first move maybe it's a sign that he just isn't into me.


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  • Approaching won't be an issue - only if you do it smoothly. Women, unlike men, are not used to approaching, therefore, they tend to come on too strong/awkwardly.

    Approach him in a solitary environment. Then, go near him, but keep at least a 5 - 10ft distance.

    Imperatively, I say again, it is imperative that you do not give him your full body language. Only turn your head - comes off a lot less intimidating for both of you.

    Then, just ask him a question - could be anything. Although, you probably should gauge his interest in you first before making the first move.


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  • You should make the first move.


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