Guys, Few days ago he said he wanted to go out next weekend. It's Tuesday & we still don't have plans! What do u think about this message I sent him?

I messaged him today saying: "so I've been invited to a couple of things over the weekend but haven't yet accepted, do u have an idea of when u wanna meet up so I can plan around u? Otherwise I'll probably be fully booked by today / tomorrow :("

what would u think if u got a text like that?


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  • Yeah, I don't know. Tuesday is a little early to send a text like this given it was for weekend plans. I would have waited to send this on Wednesday at the earliest and maybe even Thursday. I think it's a little pushy and kind of a turn off because I have things to do during the week and Mondays in particular can be especially busy at work.

    • But I had 2 other people wanting to plan stuff with me I didn't wanna leave them waiting too long and miss out then have a boring weekend.

    • What do u think I should do now then?

    • I think you should wait and maybe go ahead and make other plans. You saw the other guy reply and he basically said the same thing that I did -- that it sounds manipulative. Of all of the non-psycho type turn offs, "manipulative" might be the worst one. Anyway, I'd see how he responds and if he doesn't respond then make other plans.

  • I'd think you'd try to manipulate me. I'd think your text is a lie (regardless of whether it really is true or not).

    Why do you wait for him to make plans? Just make plans and call him.

    • Really? It was the truth though I wasn't trying to manipulate I just wanted to lock in plans with him before it was too late and I couldnt. What should I do now? He hasn't replied...

    • I already told you :) Make plans first, tell him what you want to do and when and wait for him to reply. I really don't get why in this day and age some girls still think the guy is supposed to do and plan everything. Take the initiative.

      And there are plenty of reasons why he may have not replied. One being that he's too busy.