I like one chineese at my workplace?

I am 23 years old indian female with fair color currently working with chineese company, I have huge crush over one chineese guy of different department I don't know anything about him, I can only see him in cafeteria. He noticed me several time while watching him, I don't known how to start conversation bcoz he seems really busy I have never seen him alone.
I like him but i don't know how to initiate conversation even. He never even consider me


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  • EHdi naal gal karo yaar

  • Next time you see him alone just say hi. Start the conversation off and work your way from there.

    • I want him to approach me..
      I never get mesmerized by anyone yet except then actors...
      its really very awkward for me to go first.
      I usually smile towards him whenever I see him , he don't even smile towards me just few time he made eye contact with me.

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    • He dont like me atall, it reflects on his face expressions...

    • brush your shoulder off, and get a new man.

  • omg chiseseien men have little little dicks :P


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