I'm not sure what is happening?

I've been seeing a guy and in March it will be 3 years and I'm so confused as to what is happening. We've never really said that we were a couple or anything but we basically were- together every day, there for each other when needed emotionally, have sex, cuddle, spend the night together all the time, do things together etc. Couple months ago we moved in together and before I moved in he said he had lived with some girl before and she kept wanting him to lay with her and stuff and he said that he just lived there and wasn't wanting to be with her so I took it that he wasn't wanting any more than what we already had which was fine. Now that I'm there he's so different and I can't understand why or what happened. Sex is very very rare, no cuddling, he hardly talks to me anymore, we don't do anything together anymore, I don't understand what has happened. I don't feel things had to really change this much and I miss the way things were. I miss cuddling him and being close and talking and doing things together and miss the sex. I guess it's only been a couple months and about a month ago he got a new job on a new shift so I don't know if it's a combination of me moving in and his new job or I've been sick so not home a lot lately or what I just don't understand how we could be so close and now he's so distant with me and I haven't done anything that would make him mad or anything.
I'm not sure what is happening?
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