How do some average or not so good looking guys get beautiful looking girls?

Not disrespect to the guys who might not look average and such but i seen this very beautiful girl with an average looking guy who you would think was out of her league.
Why do some girls like these types of guy and how can these guys get these girls?

Anyone else?


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  • Attractive girls sometimes prefer partners who are less good looking because they are less likely to cheat (less competition against other females) and also, it makes them feel happy because they are aware that their partner knows that she is out of their league and will do anything to keep her.

    • Which is why they still get cheated on. That is a flawed mentality but hey whatever helps you sleep at night.

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    • Agree with @bvictor, that mentality is so flawled, "i am gonna settle with someone ugly just because there is less chance that he will leave me, because i am so much more beautiful, and also who would look at my boyfriend, he is ugly anyway?".

    • I agree that it is flawed and a pretty disgraceful thing to do. I just want to clarify that I was just making a suggestion based on what I have heard; I do not personally do this.

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  • They compensate their lack of good looks with a great personality and character, they may be confident, self reliant, focused on their goals, their mission in life, etc. That's way more attractive for women, remember good looks fade away as you age.

    • that's true you make a good point

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  • Its about personality. He probably has a good personality and treats her right. Having a good personality makes someone so much more attractive. Also you find him average , she could think he's the most cutest guy ever

    • i see now and that's true.

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  • It's all about confidence, charisma, and swagger. You could get almost any girl if you got your stuff right.

  • Because even attractive women just want a guy that will treat them as more than just their body and who is wonderful to be with. A lot of attractive women have insecurities too and don't even know how hot they are.

    • i understand, thank you

  • It's all about attitude and confidence and how they talk to them

    • Good personality definitely helps too

    • i see thanks