Told a friend I've fallen for her via text (see details). It's been a day and she hasn't replied. Good sign or bad?

It wasn't planned. We were texting each other at night when I mentioned I had felt a certain way about her. The next day she texted asking me how I felt about her? So I just decided to tell her via text. Would have preferred to tell her in person.

It's been a day and she hasn't replied. It's a lot to process. Just want to get people's opinions.


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  • You said it yourself it's a lot to process. Sh needs time to understand what she's feeling. Reach out to her tomorrow after two days if you haven't heard from her and ask how she's feeling


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  • It's over bro, I did the same thing and girls will never respond or block you, doesn't matter your friendship or whatever girls will drop you just like that, if you do text her back which I have done, you'll get responses ranging from short one word answers which pretty much means don't talk to her, or flat out answers like why are you texting etc, rude answer it's over bro move on.

    • Listen to this guy man, trust me it sucks but same here. She didn't block me or get angry, just stopped talking to me and hit me with one word answers, when I texted her once. I knew from the one text to leave it be. Friendship was over.

      So sorry OP. It will hurt, because as friends you do at least expect closure or to be let down and maybe even continue the friendship but it doesn't always work out that way :(.

      Don't bombard her with text, keep your emotions level (will be tough), and just continue life and hope she finds a way to text you back her feelings or what's she thinking so you're not left confused and wandering forever.