What's up with women going out with men who are 10 years older than them? In HS it was the same thing, girls going out with Seniore or college guys?

i asked a question and girls said that you should go for a girl 2 or3 years younger than you or else it starts to get creepy, yet now that I'm paying attention many women my age aren't even interested in me or looking at me and going for guys almost a decade older then them, the same thing happened in high school, when I was a freshman, the girls weren't going for freshman guys, they were going for senior guys, and a lot of girls were even with college guys, I mean wtf, I have programmed in my mind to look for a girl my age from that I have been told on here and all my life but now I'm noticing that women are going for much older guys where I have been rejecting women where the age gap was larger than 3 years because of what I've been told of being a creep, serious. And I see that women my age go for men who are older, I'm 23, women in my age I see going out with men who are In their early 30s!!! Girls who are interested in me are 17 or 18 but I just don't want to do it because I have it drilled into my brain by what I'm told that that's creepy which I agree, what's the deal with women going for such older men, I feel like I am in a pickle at this age?


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  • Women like the security older men being, their maturity is also a huge plus whereas many guys their age are way too immature to deal with, and an added bonus of older men make incredible lovers too 😍


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  • That is definitely the case. I live in Spain and this is really common here.

    It is actually a problem at my age as I at nearly 20 am not much older than the youngest college girls, yet it is difficult (although still legal) to go for the 16-17 year olds.

    Then again, I find that talking to a 16 year old girl is quite OK and that our level of maturity usually seems to match. The same really can't be said about most 16 year old guys, even the popular ones that get girls.

    So there is a gap in maturity there.

    I understand that you can't go and date a 17 year old being 23 yourself. This would be weird even where I live.

    But there is no reason why you couldn't go out with a 18-20 year old that is the same place as you, usually their level of maturity would match yours.

    Few people would really care that much and besides you'll usually end up with the more mature girls anyway, as they look for a stable guy.

    I generally find that girls who are interested in guys of the same age tend to be the more inmature types.


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  • Most don't go past 5-6 years older.


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  • Stop being a pussy and work on yourself so that when your older younger women will want you. Build your life brick by brick, the better you build it the more rewarding the end result will be. Women have their time 16-30 when they are most attractive and datable and for men that's 29+. So your target age for women at the minute should be age 30-45, there are loads of divorced milfs out there desperate for a good hard poke not to mention desperate 30year olds who spent to much time on the cock riding carousel and are now past their sell by date. Women always date older and always date up, they want a man thats better than them and stronger. Check out return of kings to get you started on going from bitch to bull.

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