Is it okay to ask for space in this scenario?

I feel like my life is consumed of my boyfriend. I'm always there at his beck and call when he wants to hang out (which makes me fall behind on my homework sometimes), I spend my entire free time texting him and he's all I think about. I feel like I'm a little obsessed; almost like I don't have my own identity. He's all I practically think about. I'm even in school to get a better job, so I could get us an apartment. I feel like I have to constantly watch not to make him think I'm angry at things.

Recently, I did something wrong and invaded his privacy. Reason being (still shitty) that he was with-holding things from me and not telling me things. I brought it up to him. He called me names for doing it and put me down. He said that I never proved to be anything of benefit to him; that I was a negative person. He said that I just had to deal with the fact that he will not tell me everything. As I know it's a shitty thing for me to invade his stuff like that, I didn't think it warranted him to say hurtful things.

I'm still hurt by his words. I think I need to put distance to feel like my old self again and not feel over-consumed of him; not necessarily break up. Help?
Is it okay to ask for space in this scenario?
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