Does anyone else have a hard time dating nowadays? Is it just me or has the world completely changed for the worst?

Dating just sucks lately. A lot of the old dating traditions no longer exist. People want to stay in the "talking stage" for months, rather than actually entering the "exclusive/relationship" phase by that time. No one wants to put in the effort for a relationship anymore and so many of us are single because of it.

Can anyone else relate? What happened to good ole fashion love and relationships? Are we all doomed?


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  • In my experience, Women in the modern day are extremely picky and judgmental. I work at Mcdonalds, Wal mart, or any other minimum wage job: I'm done, I'm 5'3: Done. I wear glasses: Done, I make a physical advance on the first couple dates: I'm done, I make zero physical moves: I'm Done. ad infinitum.

    This has been going on for years. Except for a few dates and an occasional one night stand, I've never been in any sort of long term relationship. I had a LTR some years ago but it was short because I was cheated on fairly early on.

    Occasionally I hear of women who have crushes on me, most pursuits of those wind up dead. an example would be: my friends were saying some girl had a really big crush on me. I tried talking to her but she was extremely aloof and cold and contributed zero conversation, Seriously I may as well have talked to a door handle or my dog.. Around new years she was drunk at a bar and said she loved me, but I looked like an effing creep, and went home with some tall alpha guy. Never talked to her again.

    Women are just extremely disappointing in general. And I've tried all kinds of girls. Really pretty girls are way too picky or high maintenance. Less pretty girls are worse and have even worse entitlement issues because they think they DESERVE it.

    When i do Like and pursue someone I get so excited that i get "too intense,". That being said I always date with a goal in mind. dating random people for no reason isn't really my thing.


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  • People just make dating more complicated than it actually is. a lot of people have trust issues or they dont like being restricted, most people feel pressured when they are in a relationship. Hence why most marriages fail is because they feel pressured to make it work and they feel restricted. Most people my age nowdays aren't loyal; for men dating is a numbers game to see how many they can get while woman overthink everything or tend to give themselves away way too easily for guys, making guys lose interest since they got what they want.
    Guess the "talking stage" is the safe stage where nothing good or bad can happen, nothing too serious happening


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  • I totally get what you mean. Dating is getting very tricky. We're not doomed, but we gotta work a lot harder it seems

  • Thank Feminism.
    No male who is in possession of the facts would likely want to speak to a woman, let alone date her, have sex with her, or have any form of relationship with her. The legal risks are far too great.


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