Why am I the only one initiating contact?

So, hey. I met this guy on a dating site and we chatted, and hit it off. I asked him if he wanted a guide, since he is new to the city where I'm from and currently living in. The "date" went well- lastes about 4 hours and he came up with ways to extend it further, but everything must come end, i suppose. Well, afterwards I sent a text saying how i enjoyed it and he told me that he would have to find something fun for us to do next time. We've chatted ever since, and he has told me about his family, and how a death occured so he has to postpone our plans. I was Very understanding, and wouldn't and still won't Ask him about the date or anything. He has tried to tell me that it wasn't somebody he knew well, but i've tried to tell him that he just need time to recover and sort things out, before he makes any further plans with i. e me. I'm not his girlfriend or anything- it has only been one date, so what do i expect? But what I do react to is how I'm the one constantlt reaching out and initiating contact. He does reply within minutes, and if not he politetly apologizes, and explains why he couldn't answer straight away (he explains everytime). A true gentleman, but he bearly initiate any contact. And I do have boundarise. I usually wait 3-4 days until I reach out, but within that time period Why hasn't he reached out? We write eachother lengthy messages so that's not a problem either. He added me on Facebook, so that's where we message eachother. Otherwise there is Snapchat, but then again, he never starts the conversation or snaps. I only see him being one of the viewers on Mystories i post on snap. I sound crazy- i know. But am i deluded or is he actually in to me? I have to say that i have now completly stoppes intiating any sort of contact, and it has been 4-5 days since we spoke last..
Why am I the only one initiating contact?
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