Girl I just started dating wants to wait on our first kiss?

I recently started dating this girl from work. It has been 2 weeks now we have lots of sexual and flirting conversations etc she writes me love notes always tells me she misses me. I tried to go for the first kiss 2 times so far but would pull back and say she wants to wait and spend more time with me first then joking would say I'm going to make you work for it I'm not easy.

today on our lunch she did grab my hand while I was driving and we held hands for the first time. This is a first I never had girl tell me she wants to wait on our first kiss.


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  • I don't understand what you are asking...

    • I'm asking is this normal or I'm I just being led on

    • I think it is normal. I mean I was 14 at the time but I didn't give my current boyfriend a kiss until 3 months later. Just give her some time

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  • I would just say be patient. Many girls can be a bit new to this, and some may be a bit picky with how fast they go in relationships, because some girls, not all but some, have the opinion that if they take it slow it will last longerm


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  • Umm that's pretty strange...


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  • You're being led on. End it now, while you can still muster up some dignity.

    • We hold hands and she buys me lunch all the time and she initiated contact all the time saying she misses me can't wait to see me etc.

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    • Do I think she's full of it?

      No. I know.

      I know she's playing a game that's pretty standard among women. I know you're wasting your time. I know this isn't going to go well for you, and it's going to end even worse.

      And I know that most men have to personally be burned a few times before they learn that the stove is hot.

    • When I left work today she left a note on my car saying hey love wanted to let you know I miss you etc.

      I'm going to keep my eyes open now based on what you said.

  • I guess she wants it to be special with you for some reason but it's odd for her age group

    • She's a country southern Texan she told me she was always like this she likes to go slow. Only thing I can is respect that at least we hold hands right? She will want me to kiss her cheek that's it but not the lips.

    • As long as you don't mind waiting for your special kiss then go with it, sounds like things will be fine

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