How to deal with a girl I'm in love with?

I started working with this girl about 6 months ago and we didn't really talk at first. After a few months however, we started to hit it off and we became really good friends. About two and a half months ago we started texting and snapchatting and I finally asked her out about a month and a half ago. We went to the movies and it was great so we went mini golfing and to the zoo a week later. I really fell for her and I seriously think I'm in love with her. About 2 weeks ago she said that she was overwhelmed with life and wasn't going to be able to maintain a relationship with me anymore, but she still wanted to be friends. This hurt a lot and I've been trying to get over her ever since. Now, I see her tweeting things like "it's just a dumb crush" and "I'm in love with the thought of you" and it's making me think that she likes someone else. I'm really insecure right now because I think she lied to me about why she broke up with me, and I don't know how to cope with it. I know we only dated for a month but I sincerely believe that I am in love with her. She's literally everything I ever wanted in a girl and seeing her want someone else breaks my heart. Should I wait and try again with her later? Or should I move on? If so what is the easiest way other than erasing her from my life completely? I've always had trouble getting over people and this one is definitely the hardest.

I forgot to mention that I know she was into the relationship at some point too, because when I kissed her the first time she got really excited and texted our friend from work. She also started calling me babe and sending me hearts and cared a lot about what I had to say. She would get sad if I took too long to answer a text or something. The relationship seemed fine but near the end it seemed one sided with me pulling all of the weight. I don't know where it went wrong.
She also told me on multiple occasions that she wanted me to ask her out for a while, and that I made her really happy. Everything moved so fast from a happy relationship to wanting to be friends literally in the span of two days. I didn't change anything in how I spoke and didn't say anything to turn her off so I'm just so confused right now.


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  • It's a cliche line, but seriously, she's just not that into you.

    Also considering both of your ages, and her tweet "I'm in love with the thought of you", this girl is still at the stage where she is experimenting with guys. She's not mature enough for a proper relationship.

    Go find a girl who will take you more seriously.

  • Its your choice what you make of it. The easiest way is distracting yourself the harder way is to face your emotions and deal with them appropriately. Ask yourself is there really a chance I can get this girl back. If the answer is yes wait and see what happens but if the chance is almost zero than move on. The sooner the better.

  • Awe well thats a big bummer, but maybe try telling her how you really feel? Most girl (me) I love when a guy tells me what's on his mind or just how he feels other then not knowing and thinking oh it's no big deal if I just drop him, but just talk to her is what I'm saying or give her more time if she's into you then she'll come around


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