Ladyboy or girl?

So I've been dating this girl or at least i think she's a girl. she's from Thailand and I am questioning if she's a guy or not. She looks like a girl and sounds like one, but you never can truly tell. The reason i am starting to qustion it is because She was jokingly saying she was a ladyboy and was really selling it at first. It was to the point that I actually started to question it after she said she was kidding. We haven't slept together yet so checking out if there isa bigger member than mine hasn't been a option yet. So She always wears turtle necks, which is sucpicion number 1. she started showing me videos of lady boys in singing competitions and they 100% percent looked and sounded like girls until they started to sing in their regular voice. That scared the crap out of me. Her boobs aren't very big and they're size A's and she was saying she wanted a boob job. She has some hair on her knuckles, but I've heard some thai girls can be a little hairy. Honestly I'm losing my shit haha. I have nothing against ladyboys, but if she turned out to be one then that would make me question myself. she's funny and we hve a good time together, but since she jokingly brought up the ladyboy thing, its been on my mind.
What should I do?
Ladyboy or girl?
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