Do some guys prefer to go silent/ ignore instead of trying to explain things to women or to let women down (over text)?

Like for example, I have had guys not respond at times that I've asked them out because they are busy, and because they don't want to let me down or make me think I think they're lying, I think they ignore my message.. because then a week later or a few days even they'll ask me out and apologize. So do some guys just fine it easier to ignore even if they don't exactly want to ignore messages? Just to not let the woman down or maybe they don't know how to type what they want?

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  • EVERYONE does that, not just guys.


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  • Typically... not always... but typically... I tend to be more the guy in this area when I date. Chances are you texted at a bad time... especially if you don't already have a bond with them. Personally... I have a select few people who take priority when they text me. The rest, I get to them when I feel like talking and in that way accidentally forget to reply when I meant to.

    My boyfriend and I get along specifically by understanding this about each other. We've already established that we're gaga for each other... we don't need to message a lot in between. So unless we're engaged in a relevant conversation.. our conversation is spotty throughout the day on days we're not together. We don't force it.

    Chances are... you'll get a lot further a lot quicker with your date discussions by starting sincere conversation and developing a bond with them... and only making date plans mid engaged discussion.


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  • yes guys like, and will do that these days.

  • . A person's silence is their loudest statement. It is evidence they feel uncomfortable being honest so they ignore your messages. When they contact you again they probably do so because they feel guilty ignoring you