Does your sister's opinion of a guy will affect your attraction for him?

You like a guy,
and you show that guy to your sister,

And she gives u really good feedback, like "i really like that guy , he is really good looking, go for it, he is a catch, don't leave him".

Will this affect how you view that guy?

  • Yeah, her attraction level will go up and she will perceive that guy as a catch because she has got approval of her sister. If she likes him, her sister like him then she will think, other women will also like this guy.
  • It won't affect her attraction level.
  • Others (give your comments)
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  • I would not follow the advice of "i really like that guy , he is really good looking, go for it, he is a catch, don't leave him".

    A relationship takes somebody who is more than just a handsome or pretty face. This is why I would not accept advice from people who's immature and unwise. I need somebody who can read that person based on photos and what you tell them. Somebody who's willing to do detective work and get to the heart of the problem if there is one. Somebody who is not afraid to tell you No, if they feel something is wrong. That's why I make my own choices. However, I've seen a lot of girls who have sisters or siblings who immediately go after that person based on looks alone. It's happens but usually that relationship ends up failing later on if they aren't compatible.

    • Suppose u see that guy everyday for about 2 months, he is consistent in his work.
      hangs with his friends, doesn't chase women,
      after 2 months, u tell your sister to stalk him, and she gives u a report that he is really good looking guy, go for him,
      What would happen to your attraction for him then?

    • @Asker

      Still, the answer is no. I don't need somebody to do detective work that I can already do. Besides, I'm intuitive. If I sense something is not correct about him, I would just leave it.

      He can be consistent with work, hang out with his friends and don't chase women. However, my main concern is what his morals are, what kind of friends he hangs out with. What are his friends into. His familial background, whether or not he is looking for marriage, watches porn, or masturbates etc. That is why I prefer being friends first to figure all of him out, before seeing if he qualifies as a dating partner. If he can't agree to those terms, then I will lose immediate attraction.

    • Besides personality, character, morals, values, views etc comes first before looks. If he is not somebody I can see myself submitting to as a wife, let alone being married to. I will not pursue somebody I don't envision the future with.

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  • On physical appearance? No. Thankfully, she and I have different taste in men.

    I don't find her boyfriend attractive and she didn't find my ex attractive.

    - Approval of his personality and how they interact? Of course. It doesn't make or break it, but it's better if she likes him.

  • My older sister is a lesbian, and my younger one hasn't even finished school yet.

    I do listen to my friends opinions though. Not that it makes me find a guy anymore attractive, but to filter out douchebags.

  • Yes.
    My sister is my queeeeeen. She's usually right.

    • So if your sister approves a guy , and tells you that he is a catch,
      will your attraction for that guy increase?

  • My sister's opinion matters to me as mine does to her. But if I like the guy she doesn't I will still be with him because it's my choice and if he's a mistake it's my mistake. The same goes for the guy she likes that I'm not sure about. But if I liked him and she told me that then I'd be glad she feels the same and of course I would be with him. But because I liked him in the first place of course

    • If u like a guy, and she gives a positive response about that guy that he is a catch,
      would your attraction level for that guy go up? since u got approval of your sister?

    • It would probably go up, yes. But usually my sister and I have the same opinion on lots of things, I guess that's why we usually like or dislike the same guys

  • I don't have a sister.


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