Why does my man constantly tell me I'm behaving like his ex girlfriend, he'd say she would say that or she did that as well, all are negative things?

I've said when he does this it's hurtful.
Reality is I'm nothing like her but in his head if I happen to say something she had once said then I'm like her. Example yesterday he asked my opinion on something, I gave it. Only for him to say oh well that's exactly what his ex would've said! I'd already told him not to keep saying that stuff to me and comparing us but he still did it again. He says he's totally over her ( he ended it with her and could go back to her if he wanted to do).
i said if he ever says it again then we will be over but I know he will do! What should I do? Help!


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  • Pretty sure he says that to tell you he doesn't like the way your acting. And if you keep it up he'll break up with you just like his ex.

    • I understand that but I've asked him not to keep telling me and mentioning her name because it's hurtful.
      This last time over my giving my opinion and advice didn't name any sense. I wasn't nasty or wrong it was just my opinion. Why would he automatically think of her and compare us again?

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    • I've asked him if he doesn't like the person I am & thinks I'm too much like his ex girlfriend then I'm ok to split up because I don't need this shit but he always says no he wants to be with me.
      So round n round we go!

    • Obviously he wouldn't be straight up about it. Don't expect him to be straight with you when he can only say how much your like his ex. Maybe he'll keep doing it until you break up with him. That way he can avoid doing it. I wouldn't expect anything less from a man who compares ex's to his current SO.

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  • Start giving him a taste of his own medicine and start comparing him to one of your ex's.

    "My ex used to cook that. Tasted horrible."
    "My ex would complain about the dishes as well."
    "My ex would whine everytime we went out like you"
    "My ex was also bad at tongue"
    "My ex's cock was also as small and cute as yours"

    Go crazy with it girl. Break him down.

    • But he knows I wouldn't compare him to my ex ever.
      Most of the time is over ridiculous stuff.
      Weeks ago I asked him to return my child's blanket he'd borrowed as I needed it.
      His response was last thing his ex did when she left was ask for all the stuff she'd given to his kids. I'm just like her !!!
      Crazy or what?

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  • Tell him straight out that how it makes you feel. Have a few minutes to talk about it and see if you can sort things out. He most probably doesn't realise how hurtful it is to you.

  • Because he isn't over it.