Are these signs he's losing interest in me? Or am I expecting too much too soon?

We've been dating for a month, and we started sleeping together about a week ago. In fact, we ended up spending the whole weekend together. He started becoming quite affectionate since then e. g he's not afraid to hold hands in public etc. Since then, he's cooked for me and I've stayed over a few more times as we only live 5 miles apart. On Monday, he invited me over to watch a film with him and as he wasn't doing anything the following evening, I asked if he wanted to do something. He said he'd like to, and we ended up meeting one of his friends for a drink. I then stayed over at his again. He sat beside me when we were at the bar, however he didn't show any affection like putting his hand on my lap or initiating to hold my hand. I didn't push for anything, but I felt a bit disappointed. When I left his, the next morning he asked me what my plans for the weekend were but he didn't suggest anything for us to do.

He doesn't work at the moment so money's very tight, so for the last week and a half we haven't been out anywhere for dinner (we live in a small town so there's not much to do date wise). He's also probably the most laid-back and forgetful guy I've met (I'm not bashing him here, I accept who he is) but I'm starting to wonder if this attitude is coming into dating me OR if its a declining lack of interest on his part? We've both admitted to liking each other, and he even said that he "wants to take his time with me" (this was said before he slept with me, strangely). I'm just worried about his lack of affection with me around his friends (and if this is going to continue) and if this is a sign he's losing interest? Do I have anything to worry about? I'm starting to really like him, and I don't want to be messed around.

Are these signs he's losing interest in me? Or am I expecting too much too soon?
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