Why isn't he affectionate with me around his friends?

So we've dated for just over a month, and we slept together about a week ago. After we slept together, he was happy to hold my hand whilst going into town and he's happy to cuddle on sofa with me infront of his best friend who lives with him. Went out with him the other night to meet another of his friends; he chose to sit beside me whilst his mates played snooker but he didn't put his arm on me, or show any affection. What gives? I didn't push for anything. When we left the bar together to go back to his, I linked his arm as it was cold and he held my hand briefly before going back to his car. Is he losing interest me? I hate being in situations where I want to be affectionate (not too much) but that makes me feel and probably seem closed off as its on my mind. Help?
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Note - he's not the stereotypical "manly stoic type". He's an incredibly affectionate guy when together alone and in front of his friend.
Why isn't he affectionate with me around his friends?
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