Guys, Is my friends with benefits falling for me? If so, how should I approach the situation?

so I'm a college freshman (19) and I met this guy "Ryan" (not his real name.) Ryan is 22 and graduates next semester. I first met him in September because I'm good friends with his roommate and I spent the night at their house because I was too drunk to drive home. Nothing happened the first night but we were vibing hard, nothing sexual just real natural and easy to talk to. The next day me and my friend came over again after a party and I asked for a shirt and Ryan gave me his. I slept in Ryan's bed but nothing happened other than cuddling, most likely bc I was drunk and tired. I left early the next morning not thinking i'd be back but fast forward into November and I've been at that house countless days and me and Ryan have been having sex almost every weekend. Thing is, it's not a hook up and go. It's me being one of the guys, drinking a beer, watching football, cooking for them, hanging out with all the roommates and really just chilling. But when me and Ryan are alone it's different. We always crack up about the stupidest things and he's told me "Why do you have to be so good? Why can't you be a bitch?" and i'll do that rub-the-arm-in-a-circle thing with my nails and he'll snuggle up to my neck and we will just sit there and talk about life, college, watch stupid stuff on twitter blah blah. He's known for a few weeks that I caught feels but he still continues to do what we do. There's been Sunday's where we wake up at 9 and I don't leave until 3, and when I try to leave he pulls me back and says "no." I went to bring back one of his shirts the other night and he said "I honestly thought you were gonna keep that one." What does this all mean? We don't really text but I don't really care about that. I see him all the time but he's graduating next semester, what should I do? What is he thinking?
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So it's getting closer and closer to Ryan graduating this semester. We haven't hooked up or anything since after Christmas break but i've been at their house a few more times. Now the weird part, I'm going to be living with his two current roommates next semester since Ryan is going to be gone and they need a third roommate. I hung out with Ryan one night & he was throwing hints about how his dog missed me and what not. What does this all mean? Will this boy be in my life for quite some time?
Guys, Is my friends with benefits falling for me? If so, how should I approach the situation?
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