Do I have a chance with this girl in the future?

We've been friends since elementary school, and now we're freshmen in high school. We share a similar sense of humor, and I've started liking her in the past few years. We recently had a conversation about going out. I used to like this other girl, and she thought I still liked her. The other day, I joked, talking about this other girl I was talking to the day before, "Yeah, [the girl's name who this question is about] was my first choice." She joked, "I thought [the girl she still thought I liked] was your first choice."
That night, I texted her. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Do you really think that you would be my second choice? 😥
Her: Why you ask
Me: Because I hope you don't think I would rather go out with someone else than you
Her: Aw that's so sweet! It's kind of irrelevant though because I don't want to date for a while anyways, but I just always thought you liked [the other girl's name]
After that, I told her that was glad this stuff didn't make things awkward between us, and asked her if she might go out with me in the future. She agreed, and said she might, but she didn't know.


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  • Listen kid, girls at your age are trickier than quantum mechanics. They don't know what they really want so sometimes they will say shit just to put you at ease. But seeing as how you've been friends since elementary, she would probably tell you straight up what she wants. So as far as I see, just keep being her friend, if things are meant to happen, they will and everything will fall into place. Just be there for her cause growing up, especially as a girl isn't the easiest thing in the world. Good luck to you little dude.

  • Now you should go out with the girl you used to like. Start talking and hanging out with her. Break this girls heart so that she will become a better person and your relationship in the future will be stronger. Spread the pain.