Girls, What is the best way to cold approach?

So im going to shoot my shot, towards this girl, i have been having eyecontact with.
We both eye each other frequently, and i once caught her looking in my direction and quickly glancing away
I only see her few times a week.
Last week i saw her for the first time and we had a lot of eyecontact, including that glance away
Then today, i saw her again and did a last "test", we again had eyecontact (its like quick eyecontact then look away from each other)
I dont know what to think of it, but i see it like this;
at least she noticed me from the prev week and didn't stray away from making eyecontact with me

Now, next time i see her i want to step up to her. She sat there 2 times, alone with another girl
So there's no real crowd, but what do i say to not make it creepy?
Like i want to keep it short

any advice


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  • Sometimes we tend to make eyecontact with the most random people like daily and it doesn't always mean anything. But if you like her then you should go for it!

    • i know, but this frequent? like if it was once, i wouldn't have made a sting of it
      But near every time i looked, she looked to me

    • then ignore her, or tell her to stop looking at you

    • Why would i want to do that :p

  • Just say hello, and build up from there. As long as you approach politely, especially since she's already seen you around, it's really unlikely there'll be a problem.

    • well ofcourse i was going to say hello :p
      should i go for her number/name directly or talk about her studies first?

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    • Sometimes. Or if they're not that confident they look away quickly too, or just look at their phone or something.

    • Well all i can say is, we had a lot of eyecontact, at first i always looked away then she did
      And as said; im pretty sure once i caught her looking in my direction and when i looked to her she quickly glanced away