Does this Tinder profile description sound pretentious? How would you suggest revising it?

Here it is;

Hey, I'm Ryan, I'm into girls that are not only attractive but into cerebral/intellectual hobbies as well, such as reading and deep conversations. So I don't care much for trivial small talk. Oh, and I'm a cat person, and I've worked at different movie theaters for over five years, so it's rubbed off on me a bit, so I'm a bit of a film buff.

I'm a bit of a lush, so having a date over a few cocktails would be ideal.
I love scotch. 420 friendly. Total nerd.

Email is hengyr@yahoo. com


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  • doesn't sound pretentious but I might watch the run on sentances if you want to be percieved as a cerebral/intellect

  • It sounds OK, but take out the part about trivial small talk. You can word it differently to still mean the same thing, but word it as something you do like rather than don't like.

    To me, when I read things like that in the past, it always put me off, even if it was something I agreed with. I never knew why, but then I watched something recently, helping somebody write a dating profile. They advised not to put anything negative, don't talk about what you don't want because it comes off as negative, just speak positively about things you do like instead. They said people reading it will just feel negative seeing something negative, and it will affect the way people speak to you, and it's true. I never knew why it rubbed me the wrong way before, but the thing I watched made me really see why.


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