A girl I've been seeing for a few weeks just pulled the let's be friends card out of nowhere and I don't really know how to respond?

So I've been seeing this girl for the past few weeks and I think she's pretty cool. We've gone on a few dates mostly for lunch and dinner places. We text every day, and I thought maybe I texted her to much be she does the same thing and opens conversations frequently as well. I know in the end I just have to ask her why but I'm not sure what to say to her right now, especially in terms of being friends?


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  • I know how to respond: say nothing, look for another girl.

    • I just feel like I should give her the benefit of the doubt and at least ask why?

    • No. Just be cool.
      You sure it's a straight friendzone or a misinterpretation?

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  • Get close to her. Lightly cup her face with your hand. Lean in like you're going for a kiss, and say 'Nah' and pull back.

  • Did you nailed her at least? Jus tog up and ask what went wrong?

  • The only appropriate response is complete silence.

    • I feel like I should at least give her the benefit of the doubt and ask why she feels this way

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    • What if she is just having a bad day or something? She is a really nice girl that I have a lot of stuff in common with. She's as the boys would say "the wifey type"

    • Whatever man. It's your life, and you're obviously determined to look like some kind of weak little beta simp. That's your choice. It's the wrong one, but it's yours. So have fun with that.

  • Women are always playing some sick mind games... beware!!


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