Should I text a guy?

should I text a guy after we got into a fight or should I just wait a couple days to text him


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  • If ur gonna ask a question like that u need to give us some information on what the fight was about because u can't expect us to give u an answer without a reason.

    • sorry I'm kinda new at this and the fight was mainly about us not seeing each other yeah I know it's childish but this is our first fight

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    • I started the fight and the problem is that we always make plans to see each other and when the day comes he cancels at the last minute or just doesn't even text me back and the way it ended was him just saying "whatever not going to fight with you anymore goodnight"

    • Since this guy isn't your boyfriend you don't need to message him back urgently. But I wouldn't avoid messaging him for several days because it makes things a lot more awkward. If you started the fight you probably should firstly apologies and then tell him you didn't mean to press him but you really wanted to spend time with him. If he doesn't accept ur apology or acts douchey then just ditch his ass cuz communication and understanding is key in any sort of relationship. He was a bit childish for saying running away from the conversation and saying goodnight, like thats what girls typically do but anyways, if you are really interested in this guy then just like i said begin with a small apology and then ask how he's feeling and if he fancies meeting up some other time. The best thing is to not bring up the fight after ur apology cuz he doesn't and u probz don't wanna start another fight.

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  • Who was wrong?