Why did Mother do this, when she knew I was scared?

My boyfriend broke up with me about a couple weeks ago. And just recently my mom and I we were coming home from the store and she took an alternate route that led to my ex's house. She lied to me and said, " the sun was in her eyes". When it was clearly drizzling out for the past 3 days. She drove past his house and waited a few minutes. I think she was hoping he would be outside so she could talk to him. He's usually outside playing basketball. But I felt betrayed because she knew how scared I was of him. I was literally clenching onto to the shopping bag trying to find a way to hide. She left me traumatized for a few minutes after.


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  • Why are you afraid of him?

    • Because he called me very nasty names and kept saying he hated my soul

    • Then don't be afraid of him, stand up to him and face your fears, he sounds like a jerk

  • Maybe she was hoping it could make you get over him or face your fears