How do I get over it?

I didn't have time for periods sorry

this girl i was friends with and spent a lot of time together recently stopped talking to me this isn't just a girl i went out for drinks with or a tinder girl this is a girl who was friends with me and my family we did everything together until she just dropped me and i didn't see her for a month the last straw was when she just walked right by me and completely ignored me so confronted her about it and she lied to me saying she's just keeping to herself and i told her what i thought and she never responded i thought she would care and call me or try to talk to me but its been a week and she doesn't seem fazed by it in the least how can someone just do that to a person and how do i get over the feeling of being used and that the last few months are just a waste?


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  • Sleep on it and eat sugary stuff. I've heard those things help.


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  • Some people learn something about someone, and it changes their viewpoint forever.

    You've learned a valuable lesson here. You can not control how people feel and think about you.

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