Girls, Dear women: Do u care about the effects rejection have on men?

Im serious, im not gonna last much longer. Asking girls out is too hard and women say no more than they say yes. I've heard every excuse known to man about why they can't show up to one date. Why do so many women flake, not respond back, not give a guy a chance, not reply to email messages, refuse sex, and are just plain mean? What happened to u women, why dont you behave more like women did in the past? Why are so many mean, picky, rude, dont reply, independent, and not feminine? How do i fix this at this pt?


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  • Well I can see why no girls want to date u, u think u own us for just a simple act of kindness. We don't have to say yes. Keep in mind that girls get ask out by MANY guys. The guys in the streets that see girls as meat, guys that are nice but only are nice expecting to have something in return, guys that have no confident in them, guys that flirt only to flirt, guys that only want a girl so he isn't alone ext. U are competing a lot here but with ur attitude then u are not getting any and don't be surprised about it. The problem here is that women are evolutionaring and men are not, we don't only take care of the house and are seen as objects for men. while men can keep their egos of owning the money, land and the girl.

    The girls are not the problem in this equation u are. There is something u are doing (in ur persona like maybe confidence or arrogant that makes the girl sense the "oh shit another of these guys again")

    • All you need to know is that I've been rejected so much by women that im angry at them. Rejection most of the time for men doesn't help us get better, it makes us bitter and resentful, especially when we have no idea how to fix the problem.

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    • I am looking for a relationship and care about all the women who i have asked out. But most women dont want relationships these days so its hard to find a girl who does. And when they just say no and dont say why hundreds of times in a row, it gets frustrating. Im not gonna last much and longer and eventually i'll snap and won't take it anymore. Gone are the days when women asked men out and treated us nice. I've had to ask over 50 women in a row out and even after that still didn't get a date. How is that fair? Im not ugly but treated as being igly. And im not bitter, its beyond that, its become hate now. And as far as being lonely, im very lonely/depressed/desperate for a girlfriend. From people I've met and talked with have said dating use to be easier. I wish women didn't have smartphones and approached men. I've never met a girl who actually cares about me so why should i care about them. there's plenty of men who dont care about women and they still get dates.

    • In the past men always ask girls not in reverse.
      1.) If u ask 50 girls in a row doenst equal u care it just show ur desperate and girls can sense that
      2.) Don't generalize people only for ur POV. "Girls these day" says who? U or a certified scientist? It all depends on where u live, how u and they are raised, ur intellectual/emotional stability ext.
      3.) If u are or became depressed then that's something u have to work on because no girl will want to be "used" as a source of ur happiness and stability.
      4.) If u say u will snap again thinking is the whole billion female world fault because u didn't get a date then u are not mature enough.
      5.) Girls could give u a reason if u were to ask them why u got rejected and even if they did that will only make u more bitter than from what u are now
      6.) And I repeat. There is something U are doing that doesn't make u stand out from the other guys. Maybe is that "I'm nice so girls owe me a date" or the "I'm desperate and I "need" a girl" part.

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  • Most of us do care , we generally dont wnt to reject you. On the other hand, we don't owe you a date because you asked, though in my opinion we do you enough respect to be polite in rejection. There are some guys though that don't accept politeness in rejection, they keep pushing and they can get mean as well. So, while im not saying you have it easy, there are reasons some may not be as kind as what you might expect. And some are just rude as well.

    I am not obligated to give you sex, i do not owe that to you. I do not need to give you a chance, i only need to give you a clear, not mean rejection.

    • Your last comment about women not needing to give u a chance is true. Im saying to make things fair on mens end, women should give us a chance more often. You plan down the hardest part of dating that most women dont do: approach. That is the single hardest thing to do and then we have to endure all the possible senarios the girl can react to. Women have it easy as way as this is concerned. So its easy to say women dont have to do this or that, us men are doing 95% of the work and a lot if us get 0% return on our investment. I think im just gonna become an arrogant ahole because being a gentleman, nice, kind, respectful, normal guy gets me no where with women except a phone number, no reply, and if anything is said by me to girl about not replying, they get defensive and say hurtful/nasty things back. If i had a time machine, id go back or forward in time to where women were women, men were women. Women have destroyed the dating world in america.

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    • Well, i am sorry that it has been such a tough experience for you. I think most women really don't wish to cause pain and difficulty for you, but that is obviously what is happening. I wish i could tell you one thing that would make things easier for you, but im sure that you've heard everything a thousand times. I would encourage you to keep your chin up and keep at it though, you never know what could happen at any given moment.

    • Ur right I've heard this a thousand times but its hard to keep going

  • You aren't owed a date. The reason they flake on you is that you seem replaceable and/or unattractive. That's it. So be more attractive and likable.

    • I believe i am owed a date if im approaching and risking rejection. I think thats only fair, women dont approach and its more common for men to get rejected. Im one of those guys who doesn't take rejection well

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    • If I gave a date to every man who asked, I'd have no time for school, work, hobbies... to have any life of my own.

      You are being a brat, to put it bluntly.

    • First off, im not arrogant. Secondly, there is a problem with women these days. All you have to do is go on here or read comments and you'll see men like me saying the same things. When millions of men are complaining dont you think there's a problem. The biggest complain i have and the other men have is women are more picky, mean, rude, and nasty than they use to be in the past. But i see you're point on yes to every guy who asks you out. However, this doesn't change the fact that approaching women is very hard. 95% of the time i receieve a no and go home alone. After years of no success, i have sought out help and advice but in the end it hasn't worked and im still constantly rejected. Now, i did go out on a date today, but this is only he 3rd date this yr I've been on and the other 2 girls bailed on me after the 1st date. So i have a problem, i just dnt know how to fix it and do wish women would say yes more than they say no.

  • sometimes, yes. We hate to hurt anybody, especially our friend.
    and also, there's some cases where the rejected men are not satisfied, avenge by doing bad things to a girl, some cases in Asia - splash with acid, rape/kill, and even worse, done black magic to the girl (yesss, it's still exist)
    so, we the lady really2 need to be calm and make the rejection as cool as possible to avoid that kind of thing

    • I've heard women are nicer and more feminine in Asia than in the US. Is that true? If so, i want to move there and not date American Women anymore

    • i can say that, we're shy and soft spoken, bcoz of our culture need us to do that. women should be feminine and soft, typical traditional lady should be

  • I don't get why men get so upset about being turned down for a date, when they see nothing wrong with dating a woman, spending time with her, having sex with her and then dumping her - and we're not supposed to get upset because 'we weren't even official'.

    But to answer the questions, yes we feel a bit bad that you'll feel rejected, which is why we try to be nice about it, and suggest being friends etc.

    As for being picky and not replying, not giving you a chance, etc, it simply means we're not interested. Would you go on a date/have sex with a woman you didn't find attractive? No, of course not. So don't expect us to do it, no offence.

    • U dont get why men get so upset about getting turned down for a date cause you're a woman and not a man. One rejection doesn't affect us as much as consistent rejection over many years, which is my problem.