Don't women think that I ain't oppressed because of my isolation from them?

What's the difference?
Does women's oppression have more significance then mine?


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  • Could you clarify the question? Give an example, perhaps?

    • well one is that women are oppressed because of what they have to do for men when us men knows that's a lie cause women have it a lot more easier then what us men do

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    • thanks, but we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in France :p but happy Thanksgiving to you, if you're in the US

    • oh well I didn't know anyway thanks

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  • mmm, please explain further to help me out here, im not quite sure of your direction of questioning here however certainly not does a women oppression have more significance than yours... how do you feel it isolates you from women? xx

    • cause they don't want to deal with me and make claims that I'm the problem for the reason why men and women are divided because what the men have been doing to women all of our lives

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    • but what i think that needs to be done is for the women to try and get to the emotional level that I want from them so that i can open up to them

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