Is it worth dating a single mom?

People with experience would be nice.


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  • At your age, no.


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  • Wellll... I am going to be 100% honest with you. SINGLE MOMS are LOSERS.

    Let me argue my point. If you meet a single mom between the ages of 18-27ish... she is a loser.


    Here is a real text from a single mom I was talking to:

    Me: So... you are 25, and you had your son 7 months ago?

    Her: Yeah.

    Me: Where's the dad at?

    Her: He is still around, but I left him.

    Me: Oh... I see... so tell me more about the dad. What does he do for work? What is he like?

    Her: He's a bum. Lol. He doesn't have a job and he sells drugs. I was madly in love with him, and he told me that he wanted to have a baby with me. So after I had the baby, he left me for another woman and told me the only reason he got me pregnant was to keep his legacy going. He never really loved me and disowned me after I gave birth.

    This is the type of shit I hear from single moms ALL THE TIME. They fuck loser and then they wonder why they are a single mom.

    It's not worth it to mess with a single mom, especially if you are a good man who has his shit together.

    The reason I asked the girl what the father was like was to see how she would respond to my question... and low and behold, the guy is a loser. I hear this often.

    If a single mom told me that the dad was a college grad or someone making an honest living... then MAYBE... but this is never the case with the single moms I talk to.

    Every man they have a child with is always a loser and never a guy of character.

    • hey man I totally understand what you're saying I know that's a common trend. I'm looking up dating profiles and I'm these women are gorgeous and they have these requirements are almost impossible. I seen one where preferably makes a hundred grand a year college educated and in town work. Like what the fuck really not many collage grads make 100 000 grand a year.

    • I would never date a single mom. Would I fuck a single mom? Hell yeah. Date her? Nope!

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  • I've done it. Nothing bad about it.